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    Wapiti is the correct term for the animal that is commonly known as “elk” (the word “elk” is actually the correct term for what Americans know as “moose”).

    At Wapiti Chews, we sell only premium grade elk antler chews. We do not sell deer antlers, nor do we recommend them for dogs. Elk antlers are slightly softer than deer antlers and they contain a much denser marrow ratio. Marrow is the reason your dog will love Wapiti Chews and dogs almost always seem to prefer elk antlers over deer antlers.

    We are very careful in selecting the elk antlers that we sell, ensuring the best experience for your pet. Our antler chews come from naturally shed antlers from wapiti (elk) in the USA, mostly from Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Montana.

    Every year, male elk shed their antlers naturally at which time they immediately begin growing new antlers. Antlers are a true wonder to biologists as it is the fastest growing tissue on earth – growing as much a 1” every day.

    Unlike other companies that sell elk antlers, we pride ourselves in ensuring your pet gets only the freshest antlers available. Some sellers keep antlers in their warehouses for years, allowing them to grow stale and unappealing to dogs.

    In addition to providing only the freshest antlers, we also ensure we offer the best price and the best customer service anywhere! We don’t just do this because we want you as a lifetime customer – we do this because we are dog lovers and dog owners and we only want the best for your pet.


    Why Elk Antler Chews?

    Unlike other hard chews (old antlers, bones, rawhides, nylon bones, etc), elk antlers are less likely to chip or splinter. Also, unlike most other dog treats and chews, elk antlers have virtually no odor and they do not stain carpets and furniture.

    Elk antlers are the perfect chew for pet owners that want to give their pets healthy, natural, single -ingredient treats. Our elk antlers are free from artificial ingredients, dyes, colors, steroids, hormones, antibiotics and processed animal byproducts.




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